Buestige galvanisert for 1200mm repos høyde

Buestige galvanisert for 1200mm repos høyde


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Art.nr: 204090

Buestige for 1200mm repos  høyde.

Av galvanisert rør,tykelse 3mm.

For tårnbefestning.
For reposhøyde 1200mm-2000mm.
Produsert etter NS EN 1176 

Transport: Send forespørsel.

Material: bended steel tube, 3 mm, with bended ladder spokes Available made from stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel or galvanized and powder coated steel 
Outer width approx. 56 cm. 
With flange to fix the ladder to the tower 
At the bottom with anchor to set the ladder into concrete 
Basement distance is equal to platform height, for example PH 120cm = BD 120 cm 
Powder coating in other colours possible by request 
Number of spokes depends on platform height